About The Cast

(Cast bios in order of appearance in the film)
Jack Kendall

Jack Kendall

Jack Kendall, born 1953, and an Air Force brat. Jack and his family moved around quite a bit until they settled in Spokane in 1963. In 1968, the 15 year old Jack saw Jimi Hendrix play at the Spokane Coliseum, and it changed his life.

While in high school Jack got a job at Goodwill Industries ironing donated clothing. He noticed a bin of old leather jackets for .29 cents each, so he bought a few. Soon, Jack was selling them to friends at school for $5 each. This was the beginning of his long career in the vintage clothing world. Shortly after this, Jack flunked PE and didn’t graduate, but he did start working at ‘Parephenalia Galore'(1975), which later became ‘Ricks Classic Rags’. Ricks was THE vintage, and punk clothing, Mecca of eastern Washington.

Jack, never looking back, totally embraced the vintage business. He has worked and run a successful succession of vintage clothing stores in Spokane- including the mid 1980’s incarnation of ‘Jack & Dacqs’ (with Dacquiri Graff), part of the downtown punk club Moe’s Body Shop, to ‘Funky Groovy Threads’ on Monroe St. in 2010. Jack Kendall’s ‘Funky Groovy Threads’ has been THE destination for a whole new generation of kids with taste, style, and DIY attitude of Spokane’s outsider and underground culture.

Jan Gregor of Sweet Madness, Next Exit

Jan Gregor

Jan Gregor of Sweet Madness continued playing in original Pacific Northwest bands – Next Exit and Variant Cause – until 1991. After quitting music he was in danger of getting a real job but then jumped in feet first as tour manager for a freak circus sideshow which traveled the globe non-stop for two years. He wrote a book about his experiences entitled Circus of the Scars and then continued working with other sideshow acts through the 1990s.

Gregor now lives in Oregon where he runs a successful online business located at www.MadameTalbot.com. He is currently contemplating his second book about his band years. Gregor has continued living the DIY life that started in Spokane.
More: www.sweetmadness.org

Charlie Schmidt of Keyboard Cat fame

Charlie Schmidt

Charlie Schmidt unleashes a manic creativity on an unsuspecting world from his garage/studio in Spokane, Washington. Schmidt is, by turns, a professional graphic designer, actor, internet test pilot, painter, performance artist, street rodder, sculptor, teacher, musician, inventor and philosopher.
He constantly creates and fills these rolls for himself because he abhors boredom and pretense and is impatient with conventional thinking. The objects and characters he invents reflect a cranky, yet perceptive view of life.

While sometimes defying art world categorization, Mr. Schmidt is certainly an artist. He, in fact, might be more; considering his incessant recreation of himself, he might be the art.

-Sean Elwood, Elwood Fine Arts, NYC

Keyboard Cat

Francois of Motorcycle Boy

Francois Haraldson (aka Francois)

Francois was one of the first punk rockers in spokane. He played in numerous bands in the late 1970s and early 80s before moving to Hollywood to start found the glam punk outfit Motorcycle Boy. Motorcycle Boy put out a Sylvain Sylvain produced LP/CD in the early 90s (subsequently re-released) and developed a big following due in part to their a reputation for wild stage shows.

Mikal Vollmer, artist

Mikal Vollmer

MIKAL Vollmer worked at the Magic Lantern movie theater and published ‘zines in Spokane during the 80’s.  Joined the San Diego Comic Con Committee in 1990; is a published comic book colorist,  writer and underground cartoonist.  Plans to be big in Europe.  Pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Art at SDSU.  Lives in southern California.
More: itemcomics.com

Erica Schisler

Erica K. Schisler

Erica is currently the Director of Product Development in Adobe Dynamic Media engineering, focusing on seed projects including The Adobe Media Player, Open Source Media Framework, Adobe Story plus additional research related to metadata. During 16 years at Adobe Erica worked for many years on Adobe After Effects and well as working in sales, marketing, program management and product management. Prior to joining Adobe Erica worked at a music video programming company in video editing and content acquisition, as an animation assistant for traditional cel animation and optical printing. Prior to Erica’s dynamic media focus she worked in investment banking. Erica received her BA from The Evergreen State College with emphasis in filmmaking and animation, and has produced/directed 3 short documentary films.

Josie Lazo

Josie Lazo

Josie Lazo is an artist and fashion stylist living in San Francisco. She survived the boredom of growing up in Spokane, Washington by listening to any punk or new wave music she could get her hands on. This proved easier having a mom and grandmother who owned a record store. To further her rebellion of the lame she took to wearing innovative clothing that she bought at thrift stores and altered herself. She overcame opiate addiction in the 90s. With her punk rock trophy boyfriend from the 80s and her gray cat she lives a much less paranoid and stifled life in the Bay Area selling vintage, dressing mannequins for store windows, bi-cycling and eating at vegan restaurants. Fuck yeah.

Brad Muller

Brad Muller

Original Spokanite. Founding member or Strangulon (guitar,vocals), PNB (drums), S&M (guitar), Wench (drums,noise), and The Moo Cow Orchestra (guitar, vocals). Played bass in past formations of Vampire Lezbos and Social Bondage. Currently involved in internet radio broadcasting and supporting the Seattle Sounders FC.

Melinda Lee Warner

Melinda Warner

After moving to the Seattle area I studied graphic design, fashion design and paralegal studies. I worked in several Seattle art galleries and nightclubs, most notably Metropolis, Graven Image and The Center on Contemporary Art, hosting events headlined by artists The Gun Club, The Replacements, Michael Tracy, Survival Research Laboratories, Black Flag, 45 Grave, William S. Burroughs, Lydia Lunch, The Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, and Husker Du, to name a few. I played guitar in two bands while living in Seattle, Baba Yaga, and Durango Five.

I worked for a number of years as a dressmaker, making custom bridal gowns, doing production sewing for local designers, and antique restoration for both retailers and a private clientele. I have volunteered my time with the following organizations: Seattle Public Schools, King County Senior Services, The Northwest Women’s Law Center, and PAWS. I have enjoyed hosting a number of foreign exchange students with my daughter, in our home.

I currently work at a law firm in the Seattle area. By far the most challenging and rewarding thing that I have done, is raise my daughter, who is now a sophomore in college, in the New York area. I still enjoy visiting the Spokane area to spend time with family and friends.

 TJ Wilcox, Artist

T.J. Wilcox

TJ Wilcox was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1965. He attended the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. He has had solo shows at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2007, and screenings include Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Cologne, Germany; Tate Modern, London; and MoMA, New York.  He has featured in group shows including RAW- Among the ruins, Marres- Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastrict, The Netherlands, 2007, and Superstars: From Warhol to Madonna, Kunsthalle Wien, and Kunstforum Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2005. In 2006 a monograph of the artist’s work, T.J. Wilcox: Films, was published by JRP Ringier in collaboration with Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany, Sadie Coles HQ, London, and Metro Pictures, New York. He lives and works in New York.

 John Hawkley

John Hawkley

John Hawkley is a visual artist, sculptor, performance artist, musician/noise maker, chef/restauranteur, who moved to Spokane in the early 70’s to get “As far away from L.A. as possible.” Only Siberia could have been farther and not much different. In the cultural wasteland of Spokane in the late 70’s and early 80’s he dove head first into the void, exhibiting wherever he could and doing performance art in clubs, galleries, the armory shows and loft parties. He was a member of the Lifters, the first, only, and last acoustic white boy reggae band in Spokane, as well the seminal punk performance art band M’NA M’NA, where mayhem ruled the day.

John escaped to Seattle in 1986 and continued as a performance artist in such venues as 911, On the Boards and COCA as well as exhibiting in galleries and guerilla shows. He played percussion in the Metaphonics, an urban folk industrial improvisational performance art noise band, in which all the instruments were home made from cast off salvage and junk.

He is currently in Smoke Shack Okiestra, a seven piece folky/bluesy outfit, playing snare drum, bongos and chains, and Metal Men, an improve noise duo with physics instructor and former member of Student Nurse, Eric Muhs. All the instruments are homemade and many are destroyed during their shows. Protective wear is advised for viewers. The Metal Men motto is “Instruments are a crutch for people who can’t make noise.” He is also doing solo performances as Crutchman, using a prepared electric aluminum crutch, creating rhythmic noisescapes. John is still making visual art and helping run and operate Cyclops Cafe and Lounge with his wife Gina who started it in 1990.
Smoke Shack Okiestra
Metal Men
Cyclops Cafe

Tim Cridland, Zamora King

Tim Cridland
(aka Zamora The Torture King)

Tim Cridland, better know by his stage name Zamora The Torture King has spent years perfecting his chosen craft. Through his knowledge of martial arts techniques, hypnosis, Middle-Eastern teachings, science and anatomy, he is able to overcome dangerous situations – fire eating, sword swallowing, body skewering, electrocution, and more – to emerge unscathed and unharmed € and all in the name of entertainment.

Zamora has been featured on television shows such as Guinness World Records Primetime, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, The National Geographic Channel, 48 Hours, and Stan Lee’s Superhumans, among others. He has appeared many times on The Learning Channel and The Discovery Channel.

Tim Cridland has been drawn to strange information all of his life. As a youngster read about the feats of the mystics of the east, and yearned to know more. Not satisfied with mere “book knowledge,” he began the difficult process of learning the acts. He learned fire eating from members of a Washington State youth circus who were traveling through his home town of Pullman, home of Washington State University, where his father was a professor. The University environment gave him access to information that would aid him in his quest to resurrect the acts of the fakirs.

Erich Thaler

Erich Thaler

Erich played in several bands in Spokane, and was a founding member of M’NA M’NA. After leaving Spokane for Boston, he formed Stompbox which went on to release a well-received full-length on Columbia records. After several national tours, the band broke up and Erich relocated to LA and works in construction engineering.

Roberto Haraldson

Roberto Haraldson (aka Bobby Screech)

After moving to Spokane in the early 1980s, Roberto formed Terror Couple, started the first zine in town, the Spokane Sado, and reportedly had the first mohawk hairdo. Roberto moved to LA in the mid 80s and founded the band Sandy Duncan’s Eye, which presaged the 90s “alternative” sound by several years. After a Steve Albini produced CD, a single for SubPop and national touring, the band called it quits by the end of the 90s.

Blunt Rapture

Blunt Rapture

Blunt Rapture fell out of his mom in Spokane, Washington and eventually hated music so much he started a live punk club called Moe’s Bodyshop (with Steve Stierwalt and Steve Lawson) and a band called Cattleprod (with Sheela McCarthy and Markopolis) that one day became a musical collective featuring musicians like Steve Marker (Garbage), Siggi Baldursson (The Sugarcubes), Dan Bitney (The Tarbabies; Tortoise).

If forced, he’ll also admit to being a member of Son of Cattleprod, The Bum Steers, and Beatrice. Blunt enjoys breathing and long walks at night with strangers. He knows a little bit about everything but not that much about anything. Sometimes he opens the refrigerator and forgets why.

Jeff Duty

Jeff Duty

It was nice back in the day to find a nest of freaks and wierdos I could form lifelong friendships with. Started 32 years ago? I was the 1st, 4th, and 36th(ish) bass player for the Vampire Lezbos getting kicked out each time. I liked to be true to what I thought punk was all about by never truly learning how to actually play an instrument…. very well. I thought being able to make stickers would be enough! I fumbled through other bands like the Bum Steers , Coffee Achievers and Skinless Julia. Published ‘zines like Wavo Scenario and Town Noose.

After fleeing to SanFrancisco and getting run out of Seattle I moved back to Spokane, managed music stores, got married to Tami and we have the best daughter ever, Cleo. Shes the coolest.

It’s here that I joined Eastgate Masonic Lodge, became a Past Master and joined multiple Masonic organizations where I have remained active ever since. Its a fun way to pay back some bad karma! Long live TEAM STROMBOLI!

 Kevin Cameron, Silver treason

Kevin Cameron

Kevin played in many Spokane bands including Prowler, M’NA M’NA, Big Yuck Mouth, and his current alt-country group Silver Treason. Kevin is a graphic designer and produced many zines and tracts throughout the 80s with a distinctive style.

Tracy Sherwood

Tracy Sherwood

I’m all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in her for that special offer
A guaranteed personality

I wasn’t born so much as I fell out … March 1966 St. Luke’s Hospital Spokane Washington
Nobody seemed to notice me … Grew up in Milan Washington 20 miles N.E. of Spokane Washington 1966-1979
We had a hedge back home in the suburbs … Moved to Mead Washington attended St.George’s Prep 1979-1981
Over which I never could see…

I heard the people who lived on the ceiling
Scream and fight most scarily … Moved to Spokane S. Hill after parent’s divorce attended St. George’s Prep and SFCC 1981-1983
Hearing that noise was my first ever feeling … Moved in with girlfriend, worked at German Auto Service 1983-1985
That’s how it’s been all around me…


I’m all tuned in, I see all the programmes … Moved to Olympia Washington attended TESC for Bachelor’s Degree 1985-1989
I save coupons from packets of tea … Moved to Seattle lived with freaks and worked construction 1989-1990
I’ve got my giant hit discoteque album … Took job at Design Direct Sound, moved in with girlfriend 1991-1994
I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free … Married girlfriend, bought house and planted flowers 1994-2001

The kids in the halls and the pipes in the walls … Purchased Design Direct Sound 2002
Make me noises for company … Sold Design Direct Sound to Soundbridge Acoustic Labs 2007
Long distance callers make long distance calls … Worked as product developer and manufacturing engineer at Mantec Services 2007-2009
And the silence makes me lonely … Contract for hire and professional apologist 2009-Present


And it’s not hear
It disappear
I’m all lost

( From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/c/clash-lyrics/lost-in-the-supermarket-lyrics.html )

Jon and  Heather Swanstrom

Heather Swanstrom

Heather has played in an assortment of punk bands over the past twenty years, and traveled the country, many times, in smelly band vans. Heather has played lead roles in several independent films and professional, regional theater. She has designed and built sets for film and stage, and acted as production manager on two feature length films and numerous short movies, both film and digital. She does voice work for film and public service and has co-written/filmed/edited and produced over a dozen short films and band videos. Although recently retired from the Roller Derby in Spokane Washington, Heather still choreographs and performs her own stunts whenever possible and likes to box, run, rock climb, ride bikes, sing in a punk band, play with the grand kid.

Judy Moynahan

Judy Moynahan (aka Judy Duty)

Raised in Cheney & moved to Browne’s Addition, a few blocks from The Rocks, in Spokane shortly after high school. Worked for Jay Jacobs & was a hair model for Jaazz Hair Design. Eventually went to work for Jaazz Hair Design after attending Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design.

Lived at Purgatory with Jeff Duty, Jennifer Salmi & Tim Hayes while M’na M’na practiced in the basement. Later lived in the San Marcos apartments – alone! Attended shows at the Grotto, Moes, the Women’s Center, 123 Arts & danced at Skootchies & RURED.

Moved to Seattle to become a legal secretary, but instead became interested in the Middle East & eventually transferred to the University of Washington to continue Near East studies.

Worked for Eddie Bauer for 15 years in sales & service, operations, & training, & successfully managed a team of sales & service representatives. Currently lives in Seattle with her boyfriend who owns a rare & out of print book store in the Ballard neighborhood. Makes jewelry from found objects & vintage findings, works for a couple of estate sale services, buys & sells vintage items, has a small hair clientele & manages the rare book store. Loves to garden, travel, & thrift shop – life is still DIY & alternative!

Marianna Coolidge

Marianna Coolidge

I was born in Spokane in the Fall of ’69 to artistic Bohemian parents. I enjoyed the beauty of Spokane…just a little dismayed by the people and their Christianity. Yes, I too was saved by Punk Rock music! The people of the Scene were terrific, open-minded, and political. I moved to SF in ’86, what a city. I am a Jewelry Designer, Thrifter, Bartender, and Assistant Sylist at the Gap. I still love Punk along with many other types of deviant movements. I also still love Spokane.

Chad Smith

Chad Smith (aka Rowdy Shalimar)

The grandson of Kwai Chang Caine walks out of the past. He teaches his wisdom at a Shaolin Temple. An evil force destroyed that temple. Now he faces new challenges. “Look, I’m not my father. I don’t do Kung Fu. I’m a punk rocker, that’s who I am, that’s what I do. I am Chad Smith, I will help you, It’s down the hall and on the left.” Chad can be found at his shop Orange Dracula the Pike Place Market in Seattle and tooling around on his B.M.X. bicycle.

Orange Dracula 5 & 10

Erik Phillips

Erik Phillips (aka Prince Er!K)

The year I was born the World Cup Trophy was stolen; it was later found by a dog named “Pickles”, ooh that reminds me I need to get pickles! On August 1st, 1981 MTV was launched and soon after I saw ‘Stand and Deliver’ by Adam and the Ants. That video blew my mind and literally changed my life! I was an ‘ant person’ and by luck ran into other people that were crazy about Adam and the Ants.

A scene had started to develop. People with the same interests found each other and started creating shows, zines, dances and bands. I ran around with my leather jacket, boots, and faux kilt, and was singer for Red Summer which was a blast, and in true punk rock fashion ended acrimoniously. After art school I moved to Seattle and was frequent guest singer, slash, roadie for The Dobermans ( “roadie” as in cram a drum kit, guitars, and four guys into my car).

In 1993 car landed on top of my car and put me in the hospital for 10 days with a hairline fracture of the C-1, ruptured spleen, and broken arm. Afterwards I started a silkscreen company and a character licensing business working with a bunch of cool underground artists.

In 2007 after being shot at in Seattle I decided to move back to Spokane.

Tina Bauer

Tina Bauer

Tina Bauer lived in Spokane in the early 80s and worked the door at MOE’S. She’s since moved back to Spokane and is a licensed massage therapist.

Angela Miller Williams, Dorian Kensok, Melinda Coleman

Angela Miller Williams

Back then: I was Steve Stierwalt’s girlfriend, worked the café at Moe’s and spent most of my time with Mindy.

In between: I left Spokane for Seattle pretty much the day after I graduated from LC in 1987. One year later I moved to NYC where I worked at Chung King recording studios and as Promotions Director for SPIN magazine. Later on, back in the NW, I worked in photo production spending time as Photography Manager for adidas International and as a Location Photo Producer for REI.

Now: These days I live in Seattle and am a Registered Nurse on my way to a career in hospice care. I am happier as a nurse. Other things that make me happy include my husband, my daughters, my sobriety, and the possibility of universal health care. I am not a musician and I do not consider myself an artist, but I have always enjoyed the company of those who are/do. And I still spend a fair amount of time with Mindy.

Angela Miller Williams, Dorian Kensok, Melinda Coleman

Dorian Kensok

Dorian’s hippie/outsider/artist parents’ biggest fear was that she’d grow up to be a Republican cheerleader. Dorian realized in the 4th grade, when her classmates made fun of her for wearing a navy blue turtleneck and a beret, that it was only going to be a matter of time until she found her people, an amazing group of punk rock/new wave/artist/weirdos that she counts herself lucky to be a part of.

Dorian didn’t end up a Republican or a cheerleader. She votes Democrat and makes a living as a freelance graphic designer. She is also (ahem) a pretty good cook. Dorian lives in Yakima with a huge cat and a husband who patently refused to believe in Garbage Eating Goat until he saw it with his own eyes.
More: Dorian Kensok Graphic Design

Angela Miller Williams, Dorian Kensok, Melinda Coleman

Melinda Coleman

Mindy worked the cafe at Moe’s and then later moved to Seattle. She keeps the skyscrapers running smoothly and rides a Ducati.

Nate Huston

Nate Huston

Back then: Did some zines, did some flyers, made some noise (Coffee Achievers, Mindless Thuggs, assorted solo/small group unnamed “performance” projects), worked door/security for too goddamn many punk rock shows.

In between: Moved around a lot; did a bunch of stuff.

Right Now: Back in Spokane – “just for a little while” – since 2001. Owner of Giant Nerd Books since 2005 (“Promoting literacy in the Lilac City, one dirty picture book at a time”). Member of Thee Inland Emperors car club (emphasis on traditional-style hot rods & kustom cars). Volunteer DJ for Spokannibals Roller Derby. Small-scale breeder of exotic reptiles (no pun intended). Pretend chef & gourmet. Collector. Infrequent writer, carpenter, dabbler in creativity; more frequent abuser of parentheses, semicolons and other exotic punctuation.
More: facebook.com/giant.nerd.books

Brook Ellingwood

Brook Ellingwood

When he was five years old, Brook Ellingwood heard Petula Clark sing “Downtown” on Sesame Street. When he was thirteen years old, he realized she wasn’t singing about Spokane’s downtown. Drawn to the punk scene by the lure of creativity, girls, parties and the promise of a bigger world, he realized the DIY attitude of punk was the beginning of a much bigger shift in society.

In the summer of 1985, he listened to “Career Opportunities” before every shift as a prep cook at C.I. Shenanigans then left Spokane, intending to make movies. Ten years later he was sucked into the Internet, the biggest DIY media experiment in history. His experience in the Spokane punk scene was a powerful influence on his work towards a Master of Communication in Digital Media degree. He can describe himself as a “media ecologist” with a straight face. And you can make fun of him for doing it.
More: brookellingwood.com

David W halsell,  DWHalsell.com

David W. Halsell (aka Dave Hassle)

In Spokane, David Halsell was a founding member of An 425lb. Yorkshire Sow, an infamous, seminal, and amorphous noise/performance/chaos collective. Since then he has mostly lived in Seattle, working at various times as a web/multimedia designer, impresario, carpenter, yacht rigger, and licensed Merchant Marine captain. More recently he has exhibited his art internationally and has now also made a documentary film. He still likes to stir up a little noise and bedlam every now and again.
More: www.dwhalsell.com.

Jon and  Heather Swanstrom

Jon Swanstrom

Spokanite! Born in Portland, Oregon in 1966, Jon Swanstrom has called Spokane his home for nearly 100 years. Jon married in to ‘the scene’ (Heather) and fathered two amazing humans (one of each gender!) Jon has played music since he was 10 and is currently venting by making films and art.
More: www.jonswanstrom.com

 Vampire Lezbos

Rob Westergard

Robert Westergard now owns and operates  Westedge Cycle, a motorcycle shop in Anacortes Washington. Robert has been married to Melody for over 2o  years and has 3 boys. He is still involved in music and has a new band- Bonneville Power; a punk influenced soul band whose members include former members of the Vampire Lezbos, Big Yuk Mouth and Steel Wool.

 Vampire Lezbos

Dave DeLong
(aka Davey Jak)

Davey Jak was one of the drummers for Vampire Lezbos, and now lives in Hawaii.

 Vampire Lezbos

Dave Whiting

Dave Whiting was the founder of the Vampire Lezbos, and the visionary behind the band still going strong since 1984 after a revolving cast of characters, several LPs, and North American tours. He now lives in New Zealand with his wife and kids.

Lucy Dougherty, aka  Splatter

Lucille Dougherty (aka Splatter)

Lucy was one of the Bimbos, a group of feminist activists keeping the Spokane scene safe for young women. She now lives in Portland, OR.

 Paul D'Amour

Paul D’Amour

As founding member, bassist, and consummate songwriter with multi-platinum selling prog heavyweights “TOOL”, D’Amour helped the band to become revered as “modern progressive rock pioneers” with songs like “Sober,” Prison Sex,” and “Stinkfist.” Recognizing the deep connection between film and music, (evident in TOOL’s award winning videos,) it has been a natural progression for D’Amour to follow the path into Film Composing. With numerous Feature Films and Commercials to his credit, Paul is now poised to fill the current void in the Hard Rock genre with his new band “Feersum Ennjin”.

Growing up in Spokane, Washington (boyhood home of director David Lynch) was excellent fodder for developing an artist’s perspective and observing the oddities of the actual. Paul describes the town of his youth as a perfect backdrop for the films “Gummo” and “River’s Edge.” While in Spokane, he was a part of the underground punk rock scene, and in his late teens felt the pull to Seattle. There, he immersed himself in the formation of its distinctive sound, lifestyle, and presence, which later, at its height, exploded into “Grunge”. “That was a really transformative part of my life, it profoundly forged my musical perspective, ” describes Paul.
More Info

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

Kevin was founding member of the bands Doubtful Nonagenarians, Touchy Feely guys and De La forme. Kevin also owned We Got Records, a record store that was a hub of the scene for several years in the mid 80s. kevin lives in Seattle with his wife and daughter.

Pat Smick

Pat Smick

I was born an raised in Ephrata Washington. My early musical influences were Alice Cooper, KISS, Grand Funk Railroad and Aerosmith. I began reading various magazines which introduced me to the punk rock scene of the late 70’s. I began to listen to The Dead Boys, Sex Pistol’s and Suicide Commandos. In the Fall of 1978 I started a punk bank with friends from my neighborhood called “The Jet Boys”. We did various 70’s rock and punk covers.

Within four years we had written over twenty five original songs that went nowhere. The Jet Boys disbanded in 1982. That following fall I moved to Spokane and attempted to attend my first local punk show, however I was too young to get into the bar. I continue to live in Spokane where I am actively involved in the underground music scene.

Bink Olney

Bink Olney (aka Sow Belly)

Bink smokes a lot of pot. Still. Even with the emphysema. And he stacks rocks too. Founding member of An 425 Pound Yorkshire Sow – specializing in audience abuse and making the headline band, no matter how terrible, sound better. Once cleared an audience from Moe’s in less than two minutes singing Fucking Coyotes.

Benignly negligent pseudo-father-figure to many, short fat lawn gnome to the rest. Spawned (with Peggie’s help) and unleashed on the world a couple of clones. Volunteers at a Medical Marijuana dispensary. Enjoys camping, canoeing, cats, catharsis and chemical abuse. Still misses Scott.

Steve Stierwalt

Steve Stierwalt

Steve played in many bands in Spokane over the years including Don’t Laff in church, PNB, An 425 lb. Yorkshire Sow, S & M, M’NA M’NA, the God Project, and TFL. He continues to play music today.

Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson

My first experience with punk is when I moved to the UK to go to school in 1978. It was going full force in the UK by then. When I got back to the States I was exposed once again in Dallas TX and started to go to all the shows. I got into the punk scene in Spokane by the way of all the fine folks at Rick’s Classic Rags. That’s when I meet some of you fine people. I started working at Ru Red and when the owner Kyle didn’t want to book Love and Rockets I decided we needed another music venue. So that is how Moe’s was born.

Social Bondage

Cristina Leveque

I used to be a chinese breakdancer, but now I do midget porn.
(also the drummer for Social Bondage)

Social Bondage

Eric Wolfe

Played in Social Bondage – which later became Beezus & Ramona which then evolved into Wicker Biscuit which sorta skipped a few  steps and bloomed into Little Champions. Went to school for music and is currently self-employed as an interactive graphic designer in Seattle with a wife, two kids, a dog and a cat that I never see anymore.

Social Bondage

Mitch Romero

Back then: I was a high school kid who spent too much time hanging out with my band (Social Bondage.)

Now: I’m an Architect in the Foreign Service.  I build US embassies in Africa.

Social Bondage

Scott Harbine

Scott started the band Social Bondage in 1980 when he was in 7th grade.  He played in the Spokane music scene for 6 years.  He relocated with other members of Social Bondage to Bellingham where they became known as Beezus and Ramona.  He continued playing music in bands recreationally for over 20 years: Wicker Biscuit, Saucer, Foxmange, the Ho-Ho’s, Beehives, Little Champions, and Tricities.  Scott works as an Interactive Designer in Seattle.  He still plays, records and produces music for bands in his home studio.

Sancyre Ruby Par

Sancyre Hruby Par

A high school drop-out from the Valley Alternative in 1986, I am now a proud parent, self-employed punk rocker, activist, advocate, non-profit volunteer, SIEU union member, musician, writer, registered voter and announcer for the Lilac City RollerGirls, Spokannibals and Atomic Pixies. “Join your local Roller Derby league! Guaranteed the HOTTEST non-profit in town!” – MC Serious Love